Insuremykids® Plans

Plan Benefits Gold$25/year* Silver$17/year*
Coverage 24 Hours/Day, All Year
Unlimited Dental 10 Years 10 Years
Loss of Limb/Loss of Sight, Hearing or Speech $150,000 $75,000
Total & Permanent Disability $150,000 $75,000
Accidental Death Benefit $20,000 $15,000
Per Tooth After 10 Years $1,400 $1,250
Out of Province Emergency Medical & Other Travel Benefits N/A N/A
Damage to eyeglasses and contact lenses $300 $300
Eyeglasses/Contact Lens needed due to Injury Full Cost Full Cost
$6,000 Tutoring Benefit
Extended Hospital Unlimited
Medical Devices $1,500 $1,500
Paramedical $500 $500
Fracture/Dislocation Benefit $750 $750
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