Why do I need insurance for my child?

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Extended Protection

Government health and work plans
don’t always cover expenses!

Better peace of mind

Your child’s accident could be costly!
Be financially prepared, with 24/7 coverage.

There are so many more benefits to discover!

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$33 /Year*

Our customer favourite and recommended plan provides you with our most comprehensive coverage, including out-of-province emergency medical coverage and other travel benefits! 1, 3 and 5 Year Plans available.

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$25 /Year*

Essential coverage designed to fit any family’s budget!
1, 3, and 5 Year Plans available.

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$17 /Year*

Offers families basic coverage at our most affordable rates. 1, 3, and 5 Year Plans available.

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*All 1 year Plans Expire September 30, 2021, 3 Year Plans Expire September 30, 2023 and 5 Year Plans Expire September 30, 2025

Student Travel Insurance

Is your child travelling on a school trip?

We offer a unique student travel insurance plan that helps protect a student’s trip investment from financial expenses not normally covered under their government health care plan. It offers up to $5 million in Emergency Medical Coverage as well as a variety of other benefits including trip cancellation and interruption, trip delay, baggage loss, and more!

To learn more, visit our student travel insurance website.

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