Why Do I NeedInsurance For My Child?

Government health care plans and group insurance plans often provide limited coverage for accident expenses. Sometimes, expenses are not covered at all! This means that you, the parent/guardian, are left financially responsible. Luckily, insuremykids® is here to help – our plans are designed to fill in the gaps left by other insurance providers.

What expenses are NOT normally covered?
Government health and group insurance plans often do not provide coverage for the following:

  • Ambulance fees
  • Casts, crutches, and splints
  • The cost of equipment or supplies needed for home use
  • Out-of-province emergency medical care
  • Various emergency dental and eye care services

Even small accidents can come with big bills!
Take a look at the scenarios below to see how much money some accidents can cost and how insuremykids® can help!

What Kind of DifferenceWill Insuremykids® Make?

A 17 year-old girl was snowboarding.She fell and fractured her wrist and ankle.

Cost Description Platinum Plan Without Insuremykids®
Annual Premium $33 $0
Ambulance $0 $275
Cast for Arm $0 $45
Cast for Leg $0 $80
Prescriptions $0 $29
Tutoring $0 $3.150
Physiotherapy $0 $945
TV Rental $0 $30
Out of Pocket: $33 $4,554

A 6 year-old boy was playing floor hockey in gym class. The plastic puck hit him in the face, cracked a tooth and split his lip.

Platinum Plan Without Insuremykids®
Annual Premium $33 $0
Crown Work $0 $1,189
Lab Fees $0 $294
Fractured Jaw $0 $250
Ambulance $0 $45
Expense Reimbursement $0 $180
Out of Pocket: $33 $1,958

A 13 year old boy was in the US playing in a baseball tournament. One of the other players ran into him and tore the muscles in his leg.

Platinum Plan Without Insuremykids®
Annual Premium $33 $0
Room $0 $1,390
Pharmacy $0 $1,176
IV Solutions $0 $116
Medical Surgical Supplies $0 $6,133
Diagnostic Radiology $0 $583
Operating Room Service $0 $3,909
Anesthesia $0 $1,144
Emergency Room $0 $1,186
Recovery Room $0 $1,198
Out of Pocket: $33 $16,826