Do You Need Insurance for Your Family Trip?

So it’s summer, the kids are out of school, and the weather gods are smiling on you. Sounds like a perfect time to pack the bags and head out on a family vacation. But wait! Are you sure you’ve packed everything your family needs? If you’re planning any kind of trip, it’s important to consider purchasing insurance. And when it comes to travelling with kids, it’s doubly important to remember that accidents can and do happen!

Just imagine if your child got injured or seriously sick during a family vacation! You’d have a lot on your plate looking after their comfort and juggling your budget to cover the costs of their care. Of course, some expenses could be covered by your government health care plan or employee group plan, but only up to a certain limit. And you could be surprised to learn that many costs are not covered at all! This would leave your family responsible to pay any bills out of your own pocket.

But good news – accident insurance can help! An accident insurance plan helps cover many costs that could result from a child’s accident, including ambulance fees and emergency treatment fees charged by physicians and nurses. Accident insurance plans also help cover the costs of medical supplies like crutches, braces, splints, trusses, wheelchairs and hospital-type beds. These are all supplies that are not normally covered under government health care plans and employee group plans.

Planning a trip that will take you outside of your home province? Insurance then becomes an even more important accessory to consider! That’s because government health care plans provide nowhere near the same level of benefits outside of your province as they do inside. Often, this leaves you responsible to cover the costs of any unexpected injury or illness. An insurance plan can help protect you financially.

The insuremykids® Platinum Plan is a great option if your child is travelling on a small trip like a school field trip or summer vacation with family. It provides up to $200,000 in out-of-province emergency medical coverage and a variety of accident and travel insurance benefits.

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